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Building collapses are very dangerous to persons in or near a building when it collapses. In many cases the buildings owners, management, maintenance team, and others were made aware before the collapse that the building had structural problems, deteriorating structural defects, crumbling or shifting unstable foundations, cracked concrete, walls or structural beams, water damage, corroded structural damage, cracking of the building facade and other signs that the building was in danger of collapse. The building owners have a duty to maintain a safe building and when they knew or should have known that the building was in danger of collapse and that the lives of the occupants were in danger and those warning signs were ignored, the owners and others must be held accountable if someone is injured or killed.

We have seen cases when buildings collapse due to faulty construction, improper manufactured construction materials, excessive load on a foundation, corrosive building materials, and even negligent design. Sometimes architects and engineers responsible in part for the design and construction of the building are negligent in the performance of their duties and such negligence contributes to the collapse years later.

We have had many clients seriously injured by failed building structures due to poor building maintenance. Owners, landlords, management companies in many cases were aware that the building had structural damage, failed waterproofing, deteriorated rebar and concrete walls and slabs, in need of extensive repair, and the owners and management companies failed to make the repairs, and people were seriously injured.

With climate change, rising sea levels, global warming, more frequent flooding and storms and winds, buildings and structures built in close proximity to the water are at increased risk of water damage, corrosive salt damage from the exposure to the sea, winds, and saltwater spray in the air which could cause decay of the concrete rebar, leaks and water damage and deterioration of the structure creating dangerous conditions for residents, occupants and the general public.



If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a building or any structural collapse we are here to help and to fight to hold the people responsible for such devastation accountable.

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